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Siltech has been at the cutting-edge of audio cable development for almost 40 years. Working with the latest science and technologies, Siltech have evolved groundbreaking conductors, innovative constructions, and sought out the very best dielectric materials, significantly extending the musical performance of high-end audio systems. Their products are renowned and their qualities recognised around the world. For almost four decades, Siltech have been setting the standards in high-end audio.

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Explorer Series

The cables in the Explorer Series bring Siltech technology, know-how and performance to a new, far more approachable price-level. By combining our exacting constructional standards, innovative di-electric materials and all of our massive, accumulated experience, with newly developed, high-purity, 6N copper conductors, we can deliver an unprecedented level of performance from a cable at this price. 

For the first time, a company that is synonomous with the use of silver for its conductors has chosen copper – but not just any copper. Extensive research has allowed us to eliminate the microscopic contaminants that don’t just limit the performance of conventional copper conductors, but further erode it over time. 

Our mono-crystal copper conductors offer both measureably superior conductivity and longevity. By combining this revolutionary metallurgy with our proven, self-shielding, low-loss construction and unique, Kapton-Teflon insulation, we ensure superb protection from mechanical, RF and EM interference, creating a series of cables that deliver genuine Siltech quality and performance at anything but a Siltech price. 

The Explorer Series – allowing more music lovers to explore higher audio performance.

Explorer 90L_Spades.jpg
Explorer 180L_Banana.jpg
Explorer 180L_Spades.jpg
Explorer 90L_Banana.jpg
Explorer 90i_rca.jpg
Explorer 90i_xlr.jpg
Explorer 180i_rca.jpg
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Classic Anniversary Series

The Classic Anniversary series was originally developed to celebrate 25 years of high-end audio cables from Siltech. Built on the foundation of the legendary Siltech Classic series, we used G7 silver-gold alloy conductors* with refined construction, which resulted in reduced low-level signal distortion and a whole new level of musical performance. Combined with precision micro-engineering and cutting-edge research into the effects of electromagnetic interference, we created the quietest Classic cables ever made - 10,000 times quieter than the competition! 

Audio systems have to operate in increasingly hostile environments and are constantly under attack from RF pollution caused by wireless devices, mobile phones and computers. The multi-layer Kapton-Teflon insulation**, silent background and low distortion mean the Classic Anniversary cables deliver music that is rich in detail and dimensionality, accurate in tonal colour and weight, and has lightning-fast shifts in dynamic range and transient response. With four interconnect cables, three speaker cables, and a full suite of digital cables, there’s a Classic Anniversary model for every requirement. Their accurate, low-loss performance will reveal the full potential of your audio system and the recordings you play on it.

Siltech Classic Anniversary 770i.jpg
Siltech Classic Anniversary 550i.jpg
Classic HF.jpg
Classic CMP 3 en 5.jpg
Classic Jumperset.jpg
Siltech Classic Anniversary phono.jpg
Siltech Classic Anniversary power SPX-38
Siltech Classic Anniversary 550i.jpg
Siltech Classic Anniversary 330i.jpg
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Royal Signature Series

The Royal Signature high-end cable series embodies every ounce of Siltech’s knowledge and technology. When performance is all that matters, how a cable is constructed is paramount. Using an external, circumferential shield produces exceptional results, so long as it’s kept far enough away from the conductors. Thick and stiff external insulation imparts added mechanical isolation. It’s this construction that means the Royal Signature series cables are heavier and less flexible but, once heard we think you’ll agree, that’s a small price to pay given the performance on offer.  Precision manufacturing techniques are used to create these cables that feature our latest G7 silver-gold alloy or monocrystal silver conductors combined with advanced multi-layer Kapton-Teflon insulation* materials. This state-of-the-art cable family consists of eight interconnect cables, five speaker cables, three power cables and eight digital cables. Breathtakingly accurate and musically involving, the Royal Signature series are among the best cables that money can buy.

Royal King.jpg
Royal Empress.jpg
RCA Empress Crown.JPG
Royal Empress Double Crown.jpg
Royal Emperor Double Crown.jpg
King L.jpg
Prince L.jpg
Queen XLR.jpg
Empress Double Crown.jpg
Empress 7.JPG
Empress Crown phono.jpg
Empress Crown.jpg
Empress 1.JPG
Emperor Triple Crown.jpg
Emperor II.jpg
Emperor Crown .jpg
Siltech Cables: Gallery

Crown Series

To celebrate 35 years of cable excellence, Siltech introduced the Crown Princess interconnect cable. This limited-edition model combines many of our latest inventions and technologies. We’re very proud of this cable and its pure and advanced monocrystal silver conductor. Its outstanding musicality and fantastic performance made it an easy decision to add a limited-edition Crown Prince speaker cable and a Crown Prince power cable to the series too.  All three cables have monocrystal silver conductors and multi- layer Kapton-Teflon insulation materials that work together perfectly to get the best out of any audio system. During the past 35 years, our extensive research, along with advancements in technology, has enabled us to continually produce products that set new standards in high-end audio.

Siltech Crown Prince spade.jpg
Siltech Crown Prince.jpg
Siltech Crown Princess XLR_2.jpg
Siltech Crown Prince detail.jpg
Siltech Crown Prince Power barrel.jpg
Siltech Crown Princess RCA.jpg
Siltech Crown Princess detail.jpg
Siltech Crown Prince Power package.jpg
Siltech Crown Prince Package.jpg
Siltech Crown Prince Power.jpg
Siltech Crown Prince Power detail.jpg
Siltech Crown Prince detail.jpg
Siltech Crown Princess XLR.jpg
Siltech Crown Prince detail.jpg
Siltech Cables: Gallery

Triple Crown Series

Siltech’s unique monocrystal silver conductors deliver the highest resolution and lowest-loss audio signal path, making them the standard against which other conductors are measured. How could we improve them? Well, if monocrystal silver is the best conductor material available, one way to get better performance is to use more of it by creating conductors with larger dimensions. That’s why the cables in the Triple Crown series have monocrystal silver conductors with the largest diameters we’ve ever used. This solution is only possible in a genuinely cost-no-object design, one where the only consideration is ultimate performance. While the astonishing accuracy of the conductor revealed new levels of musical nuance, detail and definition, it also revealed shortcomings in cable construction. Residual levels of micro-distortion and other error mechanisms that had previously stayed hidden were now exposed. Solving this problem required a complete rethink about how the cable was constructed for new levels of geometrical and conductive consistency. Siltech’s engineers perfected a radical new cable topology with a complex construction that ensures absolute geometrical and mechanical consistency, no matter how the cable is curved. It needed to be longitudinally flexible but stiff in compression. We call the new topology ‘Air Cradle Construction’ and it combines large monocrystal silver conductors with ultra-low-density insulation - made from a complex Teflon matrix - to deliver incredibly low inductance, resistance and capacitance. The result is a vanishingly low-loss cable with numbers that aren’t just better than any other cable we’ve ever produced – they’re better under any circumstances. Siltech’s exhaustive empirical research has also revealed that it’s not just low LCR numbers that matter, but the consistency with which a cable delivers those numbers under real-world conditions.

Siltech Triple Crown xlr (male).jpg
Siltech Triple Crown xlr.jpg
Siltech Triple Crown spades.jpg
Siltech Triple Crown xlr (female).jpg
Siltech Triple Crown shields.jpg
Siltech Triple Crown image 1.jpg
Siltech Triple Crown image 3.jpg
Siltech Triple Crown close-up rca.jpg
Siltech Triple Crown barrel.jpg
Siltech Triple Crown shield.jpg
Siltech Triple Crown rca.jpg
Siltech Cables: Gallery


Producing the best cables in the world...

Siltech Cables: Gallery
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