The "TRX" Open Reel Deck

There is no doubt that the absolute best “source” for reproduced music is analogue tape recorded on 10” reels at 15ips. The same analogue tape reel-to-reel recorders are also the absolute best way to record and capture music [concert recording].  This is a fact not open for discussion and is responsible for the incredible resurgence in interest in Open Reel Analogue Tape Recorders. The High End Audio industry has embraced and acknowledged this over the past 10 years.

Artist and Recording Engineer Kostas Metaxas has not only been aware of this since the mid 1980s, but in fact been using two portable heavily modified Swiss “Stellavox” portable tape recorders, manufactured in the mid 1980s to record over 300 concerts on analogue tape. He is probably the most prolific recording engineer using analogue tape of the past 20 years.


Fueled by recent interest, Kostas has decided to produce an entirely new tape machine based heavily on the portable Stellavox SM8 recorder which has even received the blessing of Stellavox founder Georges Quellet.

The Metaxas & Sins “T-RX” is a portable analogue tape machine designed for ultimate location recording and playback duties. Biased for either 468 or 911 1/4” analogue tape, it will operate at 15ips using 6 brushless DC motors in a puremechanical operation. In other words, it will be built like a large Swiss mechanical watch mechanism.  The circuits will also be using 100% discrete transistors and parts similar to construction from the 1960’s to early 1970’s.

The result is a “kinetic art object” which happens to record and play analogue tape.



This is a 66-page Technical Information Booklet with all the information you need to know about the TR-X Open Reel Tape Recorder / Playback device.


The new "Papillon" Open Reel Deck

The new, limited edition, 15 inch "Papillon" studio tape recorder.  More on this exotic studio tape recorder & playback device to come...


Anquan AV is authorised to distribute/sell the Metaxas & Sins products to anywhere in the wold - ask us for details!