Phonographic Perambulator no.1 (PP1) Turntable

The Metaxas PP1 uses a sensuous organic shape which is non-mirror image, CNC’d from a block of solid 6061 aircraft grade aluminium [or Titanium] to eliminate the usual reflections and refractions of resonances inherent in all turntables constructed from pure geometric shapes.

Metaxas constructs the round platter in such a way that the boundary between the lathe-turned aluminium base has organic undulations connecting it to a dedicated acrylic platter mat. The recessed “label area” adds another level of isolation and evacuation. An ultra-precision voltage regulated belt-drive system featuring the most advanced Swiss Maxon motor rotates the platter without adding any external speed variations or vibrations.


"Phono Pickup Combobulator" Tonearm

Despite looking like a sculpture, there’s a lot of serious engineering in this arm:

1. 100% Titanium construction
2. Underswept Organic Counterweight - which not only accomodates a bigger range of cartridge weights, but decreases the moment of inertia of the arm by keeping the weight closer to the pivot point.

3. Diamond “balls” pivots into sapphire v-jewel bearings - adjustable and lockable [hex key]
4. Titanium tube with varying diameter fuse-welded to headshell/ pivot
5. Weight balance in line with cartridge cantilever.
6. Open sculpted headshell for ease of mount and connection [and weight reduction] with built in finger lift.


Phono Stage

MC Phono-stage & separate power supply.  More on this piece to come...


Anquan AV is authorised to distribute/sell the Metaxas & Sins products to anywhere in the wold - ask us for details!