In any system, the emphasis should be on the speakers.  We represent the most exotic speaker brand and can assist you on building a system around any speaker of your choice.


Nothing short of the world's most exotic, high-performance amplifiers and pre-amplifiers...


Vinyl has been back for a while now... and Reel to Reel is the new vinyl.  We have the best digital and analogue sources that money could buy.


On high-end systems, quality cabling makes a real, noticeable difference and we represent only the very best... Siltech!


The low-end of a home-theatre system is the key to having a truly life-like experience.  Getting the LFE channel right is of paramount importance.  Similarly, with two-channel audio, sub-woofers are crucial in providing depth and a sense of space.  We integrate only the best sub-woofers on the market, REL Acoustics.  REL subwoofers are the only subwoofers fast enough to truly match with 2-channel systems whilst going deep enough for those LFE effects in home theatres!


A high end audio system requires racks and platforms that isolate your valuable electronics from internal and external vibrations, lowering the noise floor and bringing the most out of your valuable system. We represent the best brand in audio isolation, HRS.


Power is one of the most important elements of a high-performance system and we always advise our customers to take this element seriously.  We offer the ultimate power solution: independent power supply based on the same technology as Telsa batteries.  The best power generator money can buy.  STROMTANK.


Projector screens should not only perform well in all lighting conditions, but should also be practical and attractive.  We have the best screens in the world: Screen Innovations.


In order to get the best out of your projector, you need an anamorphic lens.  With a huge jump in image resolution and 38% more brightness, all serious home cinemas should include one.  Anquan AV have the best lenses available: Panamorph.


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